Field Photos CONTACT US IDIs - Individual in-depth interviews CATI interviews - Phone interviews with Random Respondents CAPI interviews - Face to Face interviews with respondents Organizing FGD - Focus Group Discussion in groups of 5, 8 or 10 Online Interview KII WE FOCUS ON DATA COLLECTION Project page Need a Survey Partner? Project page PROJECT LEADERSHIP Our trained and committed field enumerators are ready to bring your project to the target market GET A QUOTE WE GIVE VOICE TO THE VOICELESS We provide expertise and genuine commitment to providing quality data on every project no matter the size, market or delivery methods. CONTACT US Project page OUR SKILL TRAININGS We provide regular skill training to field officers on every project to ensure quality of delivery; both in methods and in execution. CONTACT US Project page FIELD EXPERIENCE We understand the communities because we leave among them. We are genuinely committed to helping the people by giving them a voice through surveys. We help you get the right information. CONTACT US Project page Ashanti Team (s): Team SHOWDOWN and Team AHEMAA CONTACT US Solid Regional based teams Project page Western North: Team GreenGold CONTACT US Project page Solid Regional based teams Western South : Team BAAH CONTACT US Project page Solid Regional based teams Eastern Region : Team ItsPossible CONTACT US Project page Solid Regional based teams Central Region : Team MOVE CONTACT US Project page Solid Regional based teams Bono / Ahafo Region : Team NASARA CONTACT US Project page Ashanti Region: Team AHEMAA CONTACT US Project page Volta / OTI Region : Team Manchester CONTACT US Project page Central Region : Team MOVE CONTACT US Project page Solid Regional based teams Central Region : Team MOVE CONTACT US Project page Solid Regional based teams Central Region : Team MOVE CONTACT US Project page Solid Regional based teams

For Evidence based data collection services



Feasibility studies

Customer satisfaction

Perception/Opinion Studies

Industry Positioning Studies


Respondent Recruitment

In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

Community Engagement Activities (Especially in remote communities)

Logistical Arrangement for field activities


Questionnaire design

Digital Data capturing (using ODK, Akvoflow etc)

Data processing

Data Transcription


Baseline studies

Medline Assessment

Endline Evaluation

Need/Impact Assessment


Data collection with mobile apps (training)

Statistical Software training

Web and Mobile App training

Employee Productivity Trainings


Data mining and Storage

Data Validation and Reconciliation

Access to market data

Data Analysis

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A consumer market survey in six (6) regions across Ghana: KokoPlus is a start up food supplement for nutritional infant diets in Ghana.  We are currently conducting a yearly market survey for the Ajinamoto Foundation, a Japanese company which is in partnership with the Ghana Health Service (GHS). We conducted a similar study in 2017, 2018 and 2019 for the same organization.

We are currently conducting a market study for a German Company that is looking into the Beer Market in Ghana. We are currently gathering data from all the sixteen (16) regions on various beer brands, prices, marketing strategies and various data points.

GAMA, a government sponsored programme is supporting two innovation, NSUO app (An mobile application for ordering sachet water) and ICEESPOOL, a mobile application for ordering feacal sludge service providers. To improve on their market value and expand their activities, Researchlime team has been tasked to conduct 1000 interviews in households, institutions, shops, supermarkets and malls.

Pfizer UK through Researchlime Ghana Ltd is conducting a study in selected countries on health issues and will like to invite selected physicians, government officials and health officials to be part of this study. Pfizer is a premier innovative biopharmaceutical company, discovering, developing and providing medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. You can find more information about Pfizer here


Researchlime Ltd is a private Market research company founded in Ghana and focuses on assisting international and local organizations on field data gathering using modern technologies. Researchlime headquarter is in Accra, Ghana and has representatives in the ten regions of Ghana

Our Aim

Our aim is to create a reliable local firm that international organizations can depend on for credible field data services, field monitoring and logistical arrangement in Ghana, especially within the remote areas. Our strategy is to operate actively at the grass root level and ensuring quality and quick mobilizations of skill officers for research services.